More and more people are moving away from the modern approach to working in the office. People are starting to get involved with working remotely, but end up having trouble exploring their new environments while structuring or fulfilling their business needs. People practicing digital nomadism need a sense of community, networking, and knowledge of what their new environments can provide. 
When making tools for Digital Nomads I asked: How can you create a platform that provides spatial knowledge, community and networking for Digital Nomads who are new to Digital Nomadism or currently living the lifestyle?
Benchmarking through Functionality
To better determine the mobile and web functionality that the user would need and can use. I went out and found applications that do a good job of providing functionalities that can benefit digital Nomads. These applications were chosen because of there ideas that inspired implementation into Nomad Hub with crowdsourcing, wayfinding, providing communal engagement, and wireless chatting capabilities. 
Ideation - Stakeholders and Mind Mapping (who are these Digital Nomads and what is Nomad Hub?)
To better determine and who Nomad Hubs users are and their users needs, I built a stakeholder map (right image). A mind map (left image) was then built to determine the overall system and structural of Nomad Hub. Mind map tell the following about Nomad Hub; what it provides, what it is, what its resources are and what are its functionalities.  
Defining the User - Persona, Scenario and Journey Map
After reading many blog websites and trying talking to the Digital Nomad Community online, I was able to build and define my two Users for Nomad Hub. A User who is aware of Digital Nomadism and a user who is not aware of Digital Nomadism and wants to be part of a community. 
User #1
User #2
Mobile and web platform
A Platform with the User in Mind
After determining that community, navigation of new spaces, and having a place to work was a huge part of the success of building this platform for its users. I decided to focus on making sure the functionality provided these features on the nomad hub's map through crowdsourcing.  

marketing materials
How do we get New Potential Digital Nomads?
My research not only helped me determine what a digital nomad needs but it also helped me determine where I could find digital nomads. Digital Nomads are often moving around, so you can find them coming out of airports, in co-working spaces, co-living spaces, coffee shops or anywhere there is internet to work from. So at these places, I decided the best way to get their attention visually was posters and stickers marketed directly to them.
Web and Mobile Walkthrough + Process Book
The videos help people who are not aware of Digital Nomadism or people who are currently a digital Nomad know about Nomad hub and the functionalities the application provides

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